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The Ireland Expert

Professional Tourism Services & Tour Guiding in 32 Counties

Our Story

Back in 1984, Rafael, the owner of the company, had the first chance to set his feet as an eleven year old boy on Irish soil. What was supposed to be just a one-off family holiday, turned out to be a lucky fortune and a love of a lifetime.

Being born and raised in a highly industrialised area in the west of Germany, West Cork (to be precise Castlefreke & Rosscabery) was the complete opposite at the time: Beautiful landscape, friendly people, a laid-back atmosphere, rich heritage, music and culture.

A feeling of being welcome without any pre-justices in a wonderful setting of tiny villages, wide fields dotted with sheep and cattle, long beaches and the wide ocean on the doorstep. Altogether an amazing, somehow addictive feeling of freedom.

Curious on what else Ireland has to offer, he traveled as a backpacker throughout every single corner of the Republic of Ireland whenever possible during his late teenage years and early adulthood. After the height of the Troubles passed by and the Good Friday Agreement was installed, he also explored intensively the six counties of the North of Ireland.

While Rafael's professional career and education within hotel management and tourism progressed rapidly in Germany, the Netherlands and partly even in Ireland, he visited Ireland several times per year.

Either for hikes out in the countryside or city trips, but also to play traditional Irish music all over the country in traditional sessions or on festivals. Throughout all the years, Rafael built up a well respected and fundamental knowledge of all aspects of the island of Ireland and started to share it with friends, family and travel companions. Often he was asked, being chatty and knowledgeable at the same time, why he doesn't become a tour guide in Ireland. 

2006 - 2008

In 2006, being a well-respected sales manager in the hotel industry at the time, but looking for a more personally fulfilling challenge, he decided to combine his professional knowledge and his love for Ireland. After getting all necessary training and further education, Rafael started tour guiding in Ireland in 2009 and has been doing so successfully ever since.


While tour guiding in English and German language throughout the summer time in 32 counties of Ireland, Rafael is nowadays also heavily involved into tourism projects, creating new products and itineraries, as well as helping private clients and travel companies alike to set up their perfect tour, vacation or event in Ireland. 

2009 - 2019

After guiding way over 200 groups and having taken care of at least 8.000 guests so far, he has built up a massive knowledge base of Ireland, a dedication to the country and to traditional music, the local tourism industry and also the differences within the international clientel, visiting Ireland. He moved fully back to Cork City/Ireland again in 2015. Home is where the heart is!

The future are our happy guests :-)

Please feel to contact Rafael any time in case of any questions and meet a tourism professional, who does what he does based on pure love for Ireland.

Cead mile failte!

Why us?

No matter if you are a private or business client, you can expect:

  • Extensive knowledge of the country
  • Fantastic expertise "off the beaten track"
  • Love for Ireland and its people
  • Excellent customer service
  • Transparency & honesty
  • Fair prices
  • Reliability throughout and finally:
  • Great craic, an enjoyable time and fab personal tours which cover all nowadays' aspects of Ireland and from the past.